Our Craft Grower Systems

For growers with mid size operations, finding professional help on grow specific services can be difficult.
Hydrolock's Craft Grower Systems was created just for your needs.


Why Choose Our Craft Grower System?

Our Craft Grower System is designed to customize the HydroLock System to your specific plant counts. We combine our design with lifetime tech support, installation material, and even assisted installation for a budget friendly solution.

  • Commercial Pricing

  • Lifetime Tech Support

  • Video/Phone Consultation

  • Customized Solutions

Once your system is designed, we offer endless resources to help you get your system up and running in no time. By the time you have set up your Craft Grower System, you will be an irrigation pro!

A More Efficient Indoor Irrigation System

The secret is in the spray. HydroLock comes equipped with the reliable Tornado Mist Sprayer. This sprayer has no moving parts to wear out, break, or jam. It will not clog with nutrients or substrates passing through.


Less Indoor Humidity


Less Water & Nutrient Waste

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We are committed to offering commercial growers unique and reliable advancements in watering practices. HydroLock encompasses years of observations and research into the best watering method for cannabis top feeding. We have found that current top feeding products do not meet the standards healthy plants require and we are ready to show you how HydroLock Systems can improve your operation.

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