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With several different purchasing options, our commercial systems can produce a substantial ROI from day one of installation. We work with the best installation partners east to west to ensure our systems are installed to perfection. Whether you are interested in converting to irrigation all together, or have an existing irrigation system and would like to learn more about our commercial products pricing, please inquire below.


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Working with 50-500 plants?

Our Craft Grower System offers growers with 50-500 plants a customized system combined with commercial pricing and free lifetime tech support.
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A Simpler & More Efficient Commercial System

The secret is in the spray. HydroLock comes equipped with the reliable Tornado Mist Sprayer. This sprayer has no moving parts to wear out, break, or jam. It will not clog with nutrients or substrates passing through.


Less Indoor Humidity


Less Water & Nutrient Waste

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We are committed to offering commercial growers unique and reliable advancements in watering practices. HydroLock encompasses years of observations and research into the best watering method for cannabis: top feeding. We have found that current top feeding products do not meet the standards healthy plants require and we are ready to show you how HydroLock Systems can improve your operation.

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